Episode 18: A Julio Iglesias On Every Corner


The guys bring you a spooktacular episode just in time for Halloween! Don't listen to this one with the lights off!

Episode Segments:

¡Más y Menos!: Deep In The Darkness (2014)

Dirty Launchpad: Jessica Safavimehr Hernandez (Associate Publisher for Fangoria Magazine)

Hot Mess-kin' Minute: Uncle Rob skips school to reminisce about Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

Mira Que Look-It:

Episode 17: ¡Chale! Better Late Than Never!


Noel and Fred are back from Summer Vacation, and Spring Break, and Christmas, and Summer Vacation again! The guys reminisce about a comic-con past and a field trip where they left the "studio" to attend Greatest Gen Khan by the Greatest Generation Podcast!

Episode Segments

Movie: Escape Plan (2013) - Rocky Goes To Jail

Dirty Launchpad: Jason Rhode interview (writer for Paste Magazine)

Hot Mess-kin’ Minute: Uncle Rob looks back at Three O'Clock High (1987)

Mira Que Look-It:

All this plus a new awesome theme song and a special MexiBro shoutout from a couple of cool "Mystery" guys!

Episode 15: ¡Muchas Luchas!

MexiBro Muchas Luchas

They guys put the smack down on 1989’s No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan. Musician, Daniel Fluitt sits down for a one-on-one interview with Noel, talks about the vinyl release of Thrift Store Cowboys “Lay Low While Crawling or Creeping”, and performs in studio. Uncle Rob and Gio “taste the glory” of Nacho Libre! Noel and Fred then get in a tag team interview with members of the Squared Circle Pro Wrestling Organization. Rick Elsey, Squared Circle Pro creator and promoter, chats with the MexiBros about how he got into Wrestling and talks about the upcoming “Spring Break…The Literal Version” at Jake’s Backroom in Lubbock on March 25! Jason Erra talks with the guys about going head to head against Bryan Rage, at Spring Break” in an SCP Heavyweight Title fight! Fred an Noel then sit with Chris Youngblood, of the legendary Romero wrestling family, and talk about his life in and out of the ring and his upcoming match against his former student Phoenix at “Spring Break”! To end the show Fred talks about looking forward to Fan Expo Dallas and reading Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology” while Noel isn’t sure about Kong: Skull Island, is sure about Logan, and plans a family outing to watch some wrasslin’ at Jake's Backroom on March 25th!

Episode 14: Can't We Just Watch Elm. St 3 (Cabron)

MexiBro Ep 14

This month the guys start off by remembering “the day the music died”. They then attempt to cheer themselves up by entering the “dreamscape”…1984’s Dreamscape. (Cheer was not found)  Noel and Fred are then joined by special guest Neil Barrett for “The Little Orphan Army”, “Dirty Launchpad”, the “Mira Que Look-It” segments. Neil is an Austin based musician who talks with the guys about the Lubbock Metal scene, his new music project BLK OPS, and his work on Adult Swim's “Off The Air” with episode 12 guest Marcos Morales! Uncle Rob avenges the good Red Dawn movie with Gio in the “Hot Mess-kin’ Minute”. All this and the guys look forward to John Wick 2, Kong Skull Island, Alien: Covenant, & Fist Fight. Noel brings us The Dead Pilots Society podcast to check out.

Episode 13: Son Of A Beaches (Cabron)

Son Of A Beaches

The guys start off 2017 with a quick crash course on the “Fast and Furious” franchise. Noel and Fred then get laser-focused on discussing Brandon Lee’s “Laser Mission”. In “The Little Orphan Army” Noel talks with percussionist Kris Killingsworth, of Thrift Store Cowboys. The guys then interview Professor of Fine Arts and local artist Diane Doty in the “Dirty Launchpad”.  In the “Hot Mess-kin’ Minute” Uncle Rob sits down with Gio to give his interpretation of the 1988 Bette Midler classic “Beaches”. Fred goes down memory lane of all the Kickstarter campaigns he contributed to in 2016 and Noel discusses the “LifeAfter” podcast by GE. 


Episode 12: The Beginnings Is The Ends Is The Beginnings (Baboso)

MexiBro Show Ep 12

Noel and Fred celebrate the show's 1 Year Anniversary by watching a time travel movie so bad it makes Terminator 3 look like Terminator 2! That's right, the boys watched 1989's "Millennium"! In the 'Little Orphan Army' Noel chats with local Lubbock musician Zoë Carter! The guys interview musician and producer Marcos Morales to talk about how he got an animated short on Cartoon Network's Off The Air. Uncle Rob and Gio break down Stallone and Schwarzenegger's "Escape Plan" in the ‘Hot Mess-kin’ Minute’! In the Mira Que Look-It Fred is into the Improv For Humans podcast and Noel is the last person to get an Amazon Prime account & guests on the ‘I've Made Huge Mistake‘ podcast.

Episode 11: I Was A Teenage Zombeese (Puto)

Teenage Zombeese001

The guys celebrate Halloween by watching the least frightening zombie flick "I Was A Teenage Zombie". In the Little Orphan Army Noel sits down with the show’s music producer and local musician Brandon Blair to talk about his band DRAGG and the West Texas metal scene. The guys have a spooktaclar interview with Renee Gade from the “Nightmare on 19th Street” haunted attraction in Lubbock.  In the Mira Que Look-It Fred looks forward to meeting The Karate Kid and RoboCop at Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio and Noel is excited for Donald Glover as Lando, the movie Arrival, and has his heart broken by LeVar Burton.

Episode 10: Who Was That Masked Soccer Mom?

MexiBro Episode 10

The MexiBros barely survive a viewing of Avengers Grimm and live to tell the fairy tale.  The guys then interview video game developer Brandon Serowski about his upcoming horror game “The Bedtime Story” available on Steam very soon. Uncle Rob and special guest host Gio have the time of their lives discussing 1987’s Dirty Dancing. In the Mira Que Look-It Noel receives the HECKADECK card game from episode 5’s guest Travis Nichols’ Kickstarter campaign. Fred gets ready for the Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio, Tx.

Episode 9: Independent George Goes To Camp!

George Goes To Camp.jpg

The guys get to record face to face, for the first time in MexiBro history, and discuss the 80’s summer camp slasher classic: The Burning! In “The Little Orphan Army” Noel sits down with West Texas musician, Shad Dougherty, to talk about the Lubbock music scene. Uncle Rob ‘Crane Kicks’ his way through The Karate Kid. In the Mira Que Look-It Fred and Noel are joined by Ryan Cole from Colenado Gaming to talk about Stranger Things, the Big Trouble In Little China 30th anniversary soundtrack, No Man’s Sky, and one of them wants you to know the really liked the new Ghostbusters. 

Check out Ryan and Colendo Gaming on Twitch,  YouTube, and Twitter at @coletrain35

Episode 8: A Texan's Space Vampire Massacre

Vampire Massacre

Noel and Fred follow Halley’s Comet all the way back to 1985 and discuss Tobe Hooper’s erotic space adventure: Lifeforce! In this episodes “Little Orphan Army”, Noel talks to Lubbock area musician & music archivist Curtis Peoples. Next the guys sit down for an interview with Jonathan Seaborn, a Production Director at KTTZ-TV in Lubbock, Tx. Uncle Rob breaks down his thoughts on the Coen Brother’s classic: Raising Arizona in the “Hot Mess-kin’ Minute”! Fred’s album of the summer is “Good Times” by The Monkees and Noel is into The Greatest Generation podcast plus more in this episodes “Mira Que Look-It”.

Episode 7: Love Is A Battle-Todd

Fred and Noel try their best to remember the first movie they ever saw together: Battlefield Earth! In “The Little Orphan Army”, Noel sits down with West Texas musician Jerry Serrano to talk local music. The guys then interview Chris Myles, Sr Software Engineer for Blizzard Entertainment in the “Dirty Launchpad. Uncle Rob breaks down Tim Burtons Sweeney Todd in his “Hot Mess-kin’ Minute”! In this month’s “Mira Que Look-It” Fred looks forward to DC Comics: Rebirth while Noel looks forward to the Warcraft movie and is into the “Oh No! Ross & Carrie” podcast and their Scientology investigation. 

Episode 6: Killer Cones from Creepy Face

I scream, you scream, we all scream at Clint Howard! The guys travel back to the ‘90s to dissect Paul Norman’s horror comedy “Ice Cream Man”. Noel talks with Lubbock musician Phlip Coggins about his musical style and gives an amazing in studio performance in “The Little Orphan Army”. This episode’s “Dirty Launch Pad” features an awesome interview with Austin based audio engineer Brad Bell who has worked with musicians such as Edie Brickell, Har Mar Superstar, Meat Puppets, and many more! Uncle Rob gives his perspective on The Day After Tomorrow in this month’s “Mira Que Look-It” To close the show Fred and Noel talk about Kevin Smith’s upcoming directed episode of The Flash and the documentary “Chuck Norris vs Communism”.

Episode 5 Point Double Oh Zero Dot Double Seven Zero

In this special episode Noel is joined by, episode 4 guest, Robert Weiner for a Dirty Launchpad session with special guest and musician, Tom Blackburn.  Listen as Tom and Robert tell some amazing stories of the music scene & history in Lubbock and the West Texas area. Fred talks "Lopez" on TV Land and more Star Wars comics and Noel looks forward to Game of Thrones & The Dark Tower movie in this shows "Mira Que Look-It". Stay tuned after the interview and after the episode for a special in studio performance by Tom Blackburn.

Redneck Roger Squirm Pants

We took a 15 second moment of silence, at the start of the episode, for the careers of 90% of all involved in this month’s movie! Please bare with us. Now sit back with your fancy big city Egg Cream and listen as Noel and Fred talk about 1976’s Squirm! The guys have a great interview with Travis Nichols; writer and artist of Fowl Play, Matthew Meets The Man, Punk Rock Etiquette, and many more! The debut of The Little Orphan Army with special musical guest Tom Blackburn. Uncle Rob discusses the movie Congo.  In this months "Mira Que Look-It" the guys are into Batman V Superman, An Honest Liar, Daredevil season 2, and Fred talks his 3rd Kickstarter donation in the show’s history.

Some People Call Me The Space Sasquatch!

A monster episode, in more ways than one, as Noel and Fred go “In Search Of” anything redeeming in the Bigfoot found footage feature: Willow Creek!  The guys interview Robert Moses Peaslee and Robert Weiner, the editors of The Joker: A Serious Study of The Clown Prince of Crime. Fred gets to talk comics and things go over Noel’s head.  Uncle Rob discusses the pre-Walking Dead, “Walking Dead” film: The Mist by Frank (not American sounding last name) Darabont in The Hot Mess-kin’ Minute!  In Mira Que Look-It the guys are joined by Noel’s lovely wife Gio to talk The X-Files revival, Deadpool, the Masters of the Universe Documentary Kickstarter, The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, and more!  All this and Noel did not have a paranormal experience, just a normal one. 




The guys are back with their 1st episode of 2016 and it is a monster of a show! Part 2 of our incredible interview with award-winning Investigative Producer/Photojournalist Gilbert Zermeño from CBS 5 in Phoenix, AZ. Fred and Noel discuss the ‘70s war in the stars film: Starcrash! In the Hot Mess-kin’ Minute Uncle Rob shares his thoughts on Scott Pilgrim vs The World and gives a touching tribute to the great Alan Rickman. In Mira Que Look-It, the guys talk The Hateful 8, Making a Murderer, and The Force Awakens!

The Non Mystery Scienceless Theater 1979

The MexiBros are back, with episode 2, just in time to ring in the New Year! Fred misunderstood the movie assignment and fell down a RedTube “Blackhole”.  Noel compares himself to the “Fat Baldwin”.   Part 1 of an amazing interview with award-winning Investigative Producer/Photojournalist Gilbert Zermeño from CBS 5 in Phoenix, AZ.  Uncle Rob loves & hates Planet Terror! In the new Mira Que Lookit the guys talk Master of None on Netflix and the MST3K Kickstarter campaign. All this and pondering if Joseph Bottoms is still alive.

You wanted the best, you got the uh...rest? The hottest pod in the world!

Fred and Noel take their first dip into the podcasting pool…with their shirts on in true Mexican fashion. In their inaugural episode the guys interview Creative Service Producer Tim Morrow from Fox34 in Lubbock Tx, give their review of Damnation Alley, talk Jessica Jones & Star Wars, and Uncle Rob gives his 2 pesos on It Follows. All this and Noel makes, what is sure to be, the first of many references to that time his band opened for Bongos, Bass, & Bob.

Music Credits:
Cycles of Existential Rhyme by Chicano Batman
Sober by Childish Gambino

Getting ready for the show!

While we’re getting the first episode of the podcast ready we thought we’d get you guys prepared for the show. We’ve got cool segments prepared that we can’t wait to debut. We have an interview with Tim Morrow the Creative Service Producer for Fox34 in Lubbock TX,  The Hot Mess-kin’ Minute with Uncle Rob, and a discussion of the post-apocalyptic NON-classic film: Damnation Alley!! 

If you’re not familiar with this flick, starring Jan-Michael Vincent, George Peppard, and an atomic Winnebago then check out the trailer below and be prepared to see what some call “A spectacle light years ahead of it’s time.” and “An epic of heroes, and villains, and aliens from a thousand worlds” (Wait that’s from the original Star Wars Trailer.)

Well, watch the trailer and get ready for an awesome show we can't wait to bring to you guys. - Fred

A rag-tag band of survivors of a nuclear holocaust head for Albany, New York, the only city in America spared in the apocalypse. Tanner, Denton and Keegan ar...