Episode 12: The Beginnings Is The Ends Is The Beginnings (Baboso)

MexiBro Show Ep 12

Noel and Fred celebrate the show's 1 Year Anniversary by watching a time travel movie so bad it makes Terminator 3 look like Terminator 2! That's right, the boys watched 1989's "Millennium"! In the 'Little Orphan Army' Noel chats with local Lubbock musician Zoë Carter! The guys interview musician and producer Marcos Morales to talk about how he got an animated short on Cartoon Network's Off The Air. Uncle Rob and Gio break down Stallone and Schwarzenegger's "Escape Plan" in the ‘Hot Mess-kin’ Minute’! In the Mira Que Look-It Fred is into the Improv For Humans podcast and Noel is the last person to get an Amazon Prime account & guests on the ‘I've Made Huge Mistake‘ podcast.