Some People Call Me The Space Sasquatch!

A monster episode, in more ways than one, as Noel and Fred go “In Search Of” anything redeeming in the Bigfoot found footage feature: Willow Creek!  The guys interview Robert Moses Peaslee and Robert Weiner, the editors of The Joker: A Serious Study of The Clown Prince of Crime. Fred gets to talk comics and things go over Noel’s head.  Uncle Rob discusses the pre-Walking Dead, “Walking Dead” film: The Mist by Frank (not American sounding last name) Darabont in The Hot Mess-kin’ Minute!  In Mira Que Look-It the guys are joined by Noel’s lovely wife Gio to talk The X-Files revival, Deadpool, the Masters of the Universe Documentary Kickstarter, The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, and more!  All this and Noel did not have a paranormal experience, just a normal one.