Episode 14: Can't We Just Watch Elm. St 3 (Cabron)

MexiBro Ep 14

This month the guys start off by remembering “the day the music died”. They then attempt to cheer themselves up by entering the “dreamscape”…1984’s Dreamscape. (Cheer was not found)  Noel and Fred are then joined by special guest Neil Barrett for “The Little Orphan Army”, “Dirty Launchpad”, the “Mira Que Look-It” segments. Neil is an Austin based musician who talks with the guys about the Lubbock Metal scene, his new music project BLK OPS, and his work on Adult Swim's “Off The Air” with episode 12 guest Marcos Morales! Uncle Rob avenges the good Red Dawn movie with Gio in the “Hot Mess-kin’ Minute”. All this and the guys look forward to John Wick 2, Kong Skull Island, Alien: Covenant, & Fist Fight. Noel brings us The Dead Pilots Society podcast to check out.